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BuCET Group

For years BuCET AG has successfully cooperated with companies from various industries and continues to do so. These synergies are the decisive advantage for our customers. The affiliated companies of BuCET AG are incorporated as a centre of competence.


BSS BuCET Shared Services AG, Berlin

provides business development, marketing and sales support for the BuCET group and strategic customers.

TCI Consult GmbH, Wien
is as a consultancy and systems house specialized in business intelligence and performance. Customers include large companies in the telecommunications and banking sectors as well as public institutions. The TCI consult is active in Germany and Austria.

Airtel ATN Ltd., Dublin
provides communications software for air-ground data link between aircraft, air traffic control and airlines using radio and satellite communications.


xentasystems GmbH, Bad Homburg
is an internationally operating technology, management and outsourcing provider with the expertise in the airline, airport and logistics industries.

ComSoft VSAT Solutions GmbH (BuCVS)
ComSoft VSAT solutions (BuCVS) is provider of 2-way broadband communication, operated from own facilities in Germany. BuCVS offers turnkey network solutions in the business field of satellite and microwave communication.

becker-aero Aviation Solutions GmbH
becker-aero is specialized in developing, manufacturing and implementation of modern surveillance technology in accordance to the standards of ICAO. These include technologies such as ADS-B Sensors, MLAT/WAM Network Systems, and UPS-/communication solutions.



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TCI Consult GmbH, Wien xenta systems GmbH, Bad Homburg Airtel ATN Ltd., Dublin